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    PesaLink FAQs

    PesaLink is a new money transfer service that enables interbank transfers from your bank account to another in real-time.
    PesaLink is real-time, available 24/7 and you can transfer from as low as KSh 10 to as high as KSh 999,999. It is also safe since it eliminates the use of cash as a mode of payment.
    To send money or receive money, you only need to use FCB Mobile Banking *342# to start enjoying this service.
    All Kenyan banks which are members of Kenya Bankers Association (KBA).
    To receive payments, one has to have linked their phone number to an account. You will get an SMS notification when you receive money in your account.
    No registration is required to use PesaLink. You only need to log in to FCB’s Mobile Banking portal at *342# and link your account to start enjoying this service.