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    Explore All Our Savings Accounts

    Busara Account

    You can easily save for that special holiday, wedding, or even take care of your children’s school tuition. This account helps you save for a specific purpose while offering exemplary services like free statements and cash deposits.

    Labbeyk Account

    Saving for your pilgrimage to Hajj should never feel like it’s more than you can handle. Simplify the process with our Labbeyk Savings Account, which offers flexible rates tailored to you. When the time comes, focus on your pilgrimage, not expenses.

    Young Community Savers Account

    Give your children the financial freedom to follow their dreams, unshackled from financial restraints. The Young Community Savers Account offers simple and flexible saving options for your young one.

    Invest Plus (Fixed Maturity Account)

    What’s the best thing about investing your money for a fixed period with us? You get the highest interest rates in the market. Whether you’re a high net worth individual or a business, maximize your earnings with us.

    Students Account

    Students need accounts that lends a hand wherever possible. Our Student Account does just that. It offers no account maintenance fees, free internal transfers, free statements and more. This account is all a student needs.

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