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    USD Buy 107.15 Sell 107.35 EUR Buy 128.30 Sell 129.30 GBP Buy 148.50 Sell 149.50 CAD Buy 86.70 Sell 87.70 CHF Buy 116.80 Sell 117.80 INR Buy 1.40 Sell 1.60 JPY Buy 97.50 Sell 98.80 ZAR Buy 7.00 Sell 9.00

    This account caters to the discerning lady who wants all the benefits of modern banking. It is flexible, tailored to ladies and offers no compromises.

    • Tailored to the ladies who want more from their account
    • Opening & Operating Balance of KSh 1,000
    • Account Maintenance Fee of KSh 300 per month
    • ATM Withdrawal at KSh 30 per transaction
    • Available in various currencies: USD, KES, EUR and GBP
    • Sharia Contract: Qard
    • Insurance package from TIA
    • Discounted medical services
    • Access to Cheque Book
    • Access to VISA Debit Card
    • Free Counter withdrawal (with Cheque Book)
    • Free transfers within the FCB network (with a Cheque Book)
    • Access to Mobile and Internet Banking
    • Original Kenyan ID for citizens*
    • Original valid Passport for foreigners
    • 2 recent passport photographs
    • Copy of KRA PIN Certificate
    • Account opening balance
    *If you don’t have a Kenyan ID but have a valid Kenyan Passport, you will be referred to the Risk and Compliance Department for approval through the KYC dispensation form giving justified reasons.


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