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    USD Buy 109.50 Sell 109.70 EUR Buy 129.70 Sell 130.70 GBP Buy 146.00 Sell 147.00 CAD Buy 83.50 Sell 84.50 CHF Buy 120.00 Sell 121.00 INR Buy 1.40 Sell 1.60 JPY Buy 104.70 Sell 105.70 ZAR Buy 6.00 Sell 8.00

    What’s the best thing about investing your money for a fixed period with us? You get the highest interest rates in the market. Whether you’re a high net worth individual or a business, maximize your earnings with us.

    • Available in multiple currencies: KES, USD, GBP and EUR
    • Available in tenures of 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
    • Expected returns are payable on maturity
    • Minimum deposit amount is KSh 50,000; USD 1,000; GBP 1,000 and EUR 1,000
    • Sharia Contract: Mudaraba
    • Great returns for invested amounts
    • Flexible investment period
    • Possibility of reinvesting realized returns
    • Access to Mobile and Internet Banking
    • Access to cheque book
    • Free internal transfers within the FCB network
    • Original Kenyan ID for citizens*
    • Original valid Passport for foreigners
    • 2 recent passport photographs
    • Copy of KRA PIN Certificate
    • Account opening balance
    *If you don’t have a Kenyan ID but have a valid Kenyan Passport, you will be referred to the Risk and Compliance Department for approval through the KYC dispensation form giving justified reasons.


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