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    I/we wish to open the following Account

    Land is one of the few assets that will always rise in value, so it would be ideal if everyone owned a piece of it. Sadly, not many of us can easily afford to buy a piece of land. That’s where we come in. We can help you to acquire land, and you can pay for it in up to 5 whole years!

    • This account helps customers to acquire land
    • Minimum deposit of 30% for urban areas and 40% for rural areas
    • Collateral is discounted at 70% for urban areas, 60% for rural areas and 50% for agricultural land
    • Sharia Contract: Diminishing Musharakah
    • Repayment period is up to 5 years
    • Free financial consultation
    • Employment Letter clearly stipulating the terms of engagement
    • Three most recent months’ payslips
    • Six months’ certified bank statements
    • Irrevocable salary assignment instructions
    • Facility application form
    • Sale agreements invoice, if applicable
    • Copy of ID and KRA PIN Certificate
    • Copy of Title deed