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    I/we wish to open the following Account

    If you’re running a Sharia-compliant business but you don’t have plenty of income, this facility is just for you! Let us help you grow your business into the next big thing.

    • Tailored to low-income business persons running Sharia-compliant businesses
    • Available on a 18-month contract
    • Facility is up to five times the amount of savings
    • Up to 30% savings is required
    • Financing is available for items of saleable value along with raw materials
    • Sharia Contract: Diminishing Musharaka / Tawarruq
    • Flexible weekly payments
    • Dedicated microfinance officer for advice
    • Easy application process
    • Takaful cover against death and disability
    Requirements – For Sole Proprietorships
    • Copies of registration certificates
    • Relevant valid licences e.g. County Council Licence, Health Licence etc.
    • Certified copies of your ID/Passport and KRA PIN Certificate
    • Copies of the security documents and valuation report
    • Utility bills (phone, electricity and water) receipts/ Statements for bills
    • Lease agreements and rent receipts
    • Statements/Receipts for previous loan payments where applicable
    • One year’s certified bank statements
    • Purchase invoices and registers, and copy of sale register available for review
    • Call report and location maps duly provided
    • Copy of Guarantor’s ID and account number
    • Sales Agreement copy
    • Copy of CRB Report for individuals/proprietors
    • KYC Report
    Requirements – For SMEs/Corporates
    • BCC approval/recommendation signed by at least three members of the committee
    • Certified Copies of IDs/Passports and KRA PIN Certificates
    • Certified Copy of Company/Business KRA PIN Certificate
    • Certified Copy of Collateral(s) Title
    • Certified Copy of Certificate of Registration/Incorporation and MEMART
    • One year’s Certified Bank Statements
    • Latest audited financial statements for 2 years, for Companies
    • Company’s Board Resolution to borrow
    • Certified Copy of Partnership Deed for Partnerships
    • Certified Copy of Guarantor’s ID
    • Cash flow projections (where applicable)
    • Certified Copy of business licence/permit
    • CRB Report for the Company Directors
    • KYC Report
    • Copy of lease agreement for business premises
    • Call report