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    Business deals sometimes arrive when you don’t have enough capital, whether it’s a purchase order or a Letter of Award. You shouldn’t let such opportunities pass you by, and this is why we offer LPO Financing: to let you meet your working capital needs and continue operations.

    • Tailored to contractors and vendors of reputable organizations
    • Maximum tenure is six months with the option of a 90-day renewal after the expiry of the facility
    • The Facility Amount does not exceed 70% of the supply order
    • Irrevocable agreement in respect of contract proceeds is executed by the FCB Customer, First Community Bank and the organization issuing the LPO
    • The organization issuing the LPO must be reputable and financially sound e.g. the National Government, County Governments and key reputable companies
    • Sharia Contract: Diminishing Musharaka / Murabaha
    • Personalized service
    • There are no hidden charges
    Requirements For Companies
    • Notification of Award
    • Acceptance Letter
    • Copy of Performance Bond issued (if not issued by FCB)
    • Signed contract
    • Assignment of payment
    • Financial statements