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    Businesses are complex, and some have unique needs. The Biashara Club Account lets us pay extra-close attention to you so that we can help you grow.

    • Tailored to SMEs and Sole Proprietors
    • Monthly account maintenance of KSh 2,500
    • Available in Kenyan Shillings
    • Sharia Contract: Qard
    • Access to unsecured financing up to KSh 5,000,000 on qualification
    • Free seminars
    • Free networking activities
    • Automatic access to our exclusive banking suites
    • Free Takaful cover
    • Access to cheque book
    • Access to VISA Debit Card
    • Discounted rates for Banker’s Cheque at KSh 100
    • Free ordinary statements
    • Free ATM withdrawals up to KSh 100,000 per day
    • Free internal transfers to other FCB accounts (with a cheque book)
    • Access to Mobile and Internet Banking
    Requirements For Companies
    • Introduction or Reference Letter
    • Original and Copy of ID/Passport of all proprietors/directors/partners/signatories
    • Original and Copy of Company KRA PIN Certificate
    • Original and Copy of Personal KRA PIN Certificates of signatories
    • 2 recent passport photographs of the authorized signatories
    • Original and Copy of Business Registration Certificate
    • CR1, CR2 and CR8 for companies registered after 2015
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Certificate of Incorporation/By-laws/Certified copy of Organization’s Constitution
    • Sealed Board Resolution/extracts of committee meeting signed by director and secretary to open an FCB account
    • Letter from auditor/company secretary certifying names of existing directors and shareholders, or certified copy of latest annual returns
    • Account opening balance
    Requirements subject to the registration status of business/corporate i.e. Sole Proprietor, Limited Company etc.


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