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    Driven by Ethics

    First Community Bank is the first fully-fledged Sharia-compliant bank in Kenya approved by the CBK. We offer services that comply with the Sharia, and this simply means we serve all our customers more ethically than other banks.

    We received a formal approval from the Central Bank of Kenya in 2007. Thanks to this, we have paved the way for ethical banking in the whole East and Central African region.

    FCB commenced official operations on 1st June, 2008.

    Our value proposition is to be “The Home of Sharia Compliant Banking.” This means that we deliver innovative Sharia Compliant Financial Products, Services and Solutions at more competitive rates than other banks. And best of all, we deliver these products, services and solutions to everyone, regardless of their religion, race or colour.

    Our tagline, “Driven by ethics”, is not just a statement. It represents:

    Our tagline is what lets us stand out from other financial institutions since it reflects our core values.



    To be the preferred Sharia Compliant Financial Services Partner in all places we choose to operate.


    To operate as a responsible Corporate Citizen, foster growth for our customers, employees, shareholders and the Community through the provision of innovative Sharia Compliant Financial Solutions.

    Our Core Values

    Our value proposition as an institution is a direct reflection of the core values that guide our day-to-day activities. Our core values are abbreviated in the main part of our name “FIRST”, which signifies a journey to a new frontier of financial services and solutions.



    We work with all our stakeholders in a fair and honest manner. We create mutually benefiting partnerships where all stakeholders gain.



    We embrace change and flexibility, and continuously adapt to a rapidly evolving world. We strive to continuously perpetuate excellence and provide innovative Sharia-compliant banking solutions. In response to the dynamic needs of our clientele, we look for new, creative and better ways to provide our expertise in all dimensions of business.



    We conduct business with the highest ethical standards, adherence to the law and doing what is right. We exercise the highest level of responsibility in managing the financial affairs of all our stakeholders.


    Sharia Compliance

    This is the essence of our existence and we are steadfast in building relationships beyond banking.



    We are committed to supporting each other, taking collective ownership and responsibility for all we do and winning as team.