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    Whatever your Foreign Exchange needs might be, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions suited to you. Our services have an abundance of benefits, from dedicated Relationship Managers to the most competitive rates in the market.

    We cover the global Islamic Treasury capabilities, which allows us to trade Treasury instruments according to the ethical benefits of Sharia compliancy. This means that our instruments and mechanisms are effective, competitive and efficient in addressing Liquidity Management, Risk Management Control and Investment Opportunities.

    Trading markets are constantly evolving, Islamic or otherwise, and we are primed to take full advantage of this.

    Our Treasury Products and Services include:

    • Forex Spot
    • Forex Today
    • Cross-currency deals
    • Money market deposits in local and foreign currencies
    • Murabaha placements
    • Reverse Murabaha
    Benefits of dealing with FCB
    • We don’t allow cash handling on all of our foreign currency accounts.
    • We offer the most competitive rates in the market, thanks to being Sharia compliant.
    • Our profit rates are competitive on both local and foreign currency call and term deposits.
    • Receive market reports every day and always be up-to-date
    • We offer skilled and dedicated Relationship Managers to handle all your Treasury needs, from offering relevant advice to giving up-to-date analyses on the various markets