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    Islamic Banking

    Islamic Banking is simply a system of financial activities that follow the Shari'ah Foundation.

    Islamic Banking is simply a system of financial activities that follow the Shari'ah Foundation, which is centred on the Islamic principles of prohibition of interest and uncertainty and speculation in transactions.

    Islamic Banking is for Everyone

    Islamic Banking is not exclusive to Muslims. Instead, it is available to everyone, regardless of their race, religion or colour. And everyone equally enjoys the benefits of this type of banking.

    Shari'ah Basis

    FCB adheres to the Shari'ah Basis. This has allowed us to stand out as a bank with a conscience, and this is for the betterment of all our customers and staff.


    The teachings of Shari’ah encompass all aspects of human life hence Muslims are obliged to uphold the utmost sincerity, justice and moral values when dealing with other human beings. These basic teachings constitute the core elements of the faith that are best described as objectives of Shari'ah. Therefore, Islamic banking is guided by the objectives of Shari'ah whose main goal is to promote public interest and prevents harm.

    Islam promotes productive activities, genuine trade, and business transactions , prohibition of interest based transactions, illegal and unethical activities and avoidance of speculative transactions. It is under this bacground that Islamic banking promotes a direct link between the finacial sector and real economy.


    We accept deposits from the customers who are either looking for safekeeping, savings and/or investment opportunities for their funds. For safekeeping, the bank would treat deposits at its own risk. As for investment purposes the deposits are held for a fixed term and are invested in Shari'ah compliant business activities.


    Our financing proucts include retail financing, corporate financing, working capital financing and Islamic bank guarantees. The underlying contracts for these products includes Monetizations (Tawarruq), Diminishing Partnerships (Musharakah Mutanaqisah), Sale Base (Murabaha) and Bank Guarantees (Kafala)


    We offer Islamic interbank placements and Islamic forex derivative products that are used for liquidity management and hedging against exchange rate and profit rate risk. The underlying contracts for Islamic interbank placement and Islamic forward contracts are Tawarruq and wa’d contracts respectively.