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    I/we wish to open the following Account

    Sometimes your company might not have enough asset liquidity or cash on hand to take care of your everyday operations. FCB can offer some assistance through our Working Capital Financing. Basically, get a facility to help you cover your day-to-day expenses at a fair rate.

    • Tailored to companies
    • Available on a 12-month contract
    • The bank and customer agree in advance the price and tenure of the lumpsum deferred payment
    • The bank appoints the customer as an agent to purchase on its behalf
    • Financing available for items of saleable value and raw materials
    • Shari’ah Contract: Diminishing Musharaka / Murabaha
    • Marginal deposit might be imposed
    • Personalized service
    • There are no hidden charges
    Requirements – For Sole Proprietorships
    • Copies of registration certificates
    • Relevant valid licences e.g. County Council Licence, Health Licence etc.
    • Certified copies of your ID/Passport and KRA PIN Certificate
    • Copies of the security documents and valuation report
    • Utility bills (phone, electricity and water) receipts/ Statements for bills
    • Lease agreements and rent receipts
    • Statements/Receipts for previous facility payments where applicable
    • One year’s certified bank statements
    • Purchase invoices and registers, and copy of sale register available for review
    • Call report and location maps duly provided
    • Copy of Guarantor’s ID and account number
    • Sales Agreement copy
    • Copy of CRB Report for individuals/proprietors
    • KYC Report
    Requirements – For SMEs
    • Certified Copies of IDs/Passports and KRA PIN Certificates
    • Certified Copy of Company/Business KRA PIN Certificate
    • Certified Copy of Collateral(s) Title
    • Certified Copy of Certificate of Registration/Incorporation and MEMART
    • One year’s Certified Bank Statements
    • Latest audited financial statements for 3 years, for Companies
    • Company’s Board Resolution for financing
    • Certified Copy of Partnership Deed for Partnerships
    • Certified Copy of Guarantor’s ID
    • Cash flow projections (where applicable)
    • Certified Copy of business licence/permit
    • KYC Report
    • Copy of lease agreement for business premises