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    FCB Capital

    Maximize Your Opportunities

    Making a wise investment can make or break your financial future. So, don’t treat it as a gamble. FCB Capital is here to help you find the best available opportunities and make the most of them. Your growth is our satisfaction. And best of all, we offer investment opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else in the region

    Our Investment Activities

    FCB Capital Limited is Kenya’s first Islamic investment bank. A fully-owned subsidiary of First Community Bank, FCB Capital is the first of its kind in Kenya and in the region. Fully licensed in line with CMA requirements, FCB Capital has been formed to provide Shari’ah-compliant investment banking opportunities which are currently not offered by conventional methods of investment banking.

    Our products and services cover a wide range of Shari’ah compliant investment activities.

    Products and Services

    First Ethical Opportunities Fund (FEOF)

    Why make the same investment as everyone else when you can go for something different and make your investment stand out?

    Structured Trade Finance Portfolios

    If you’re an SME, we understand how vital it is that you raise enough funds for your trade. Otherwise, this can stifle your potential for growth; sadly, a common occurrence via traditional banking facilities.

    Collateral Management

    Whether you seek short-term working capital or long-term capital expenditure, Collateral Management agreements let us offer financing and end-to-end solutions tailored to you.

    Structuring and Issuance of Sukuk

    Sukuk’s significance in the Islamic investment management industry is immense since it fills the gap of the fixed income asset class.

    Equity Offerings

    We undertake various equity-based activities that are tailor made for your needs

    Debt Offerings

    Our Debt Offering services are here to give you long-term capital solutions and to expand financing opportunities for you beyond what regular (bank) financing can offer.

    Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions can be complicated. That’s why we offer advice on them: to help you make the most enlightened decisions that will benefit everyone

    Other Activities

    Other activities that FCB Capital performs are included here.