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    First Ethical Opportunities Fund (FEOF)

    Why make the same investment as everyone else when you can go for something different and make your investment stand out? The First Ethical Opportunities Fund looks for alternative investment opportunities that let you access a full range of asset classes.

    Approved by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA), FEOF is the first socially responsible investment product of its kind in Kenya and in the region.

    The FEOF constantly looks for investment opportunities that remain untapped by conventional investment banking methods. The fund is crucial in directing profit-seeking capital to important, socially-responsible investment opportunities. It focuses on products such as mutual funds, including Equity Funds, which will invest in Shari’ah-compliant Kenyan and regional stocks.

    Fund and General Requirements

    a). Fund Promoter and Placement Agent

    First Community Bank Limited

    b). Offer

    The Fund is offering 50,000 Units: an initial minimum target size of 50,000 Units at a nominal (issue) price of KSh 2,000 per Unit.

    c). Duration of the Fund

    This is an open-ended Fund

    d). Target Fund Size

    The Fund’s initial minimum target size is 50,000 Units at a nominal (issue) price of KSh 2,000 per Unit.

    e). Eligible Investors

    Kenyan nationals (both individuals and institutions) as well as other nationalities who may be eligible to invest in the Fund in accordance with any relevant laws.

    f). Expected Return

    The Fund expects to realize for Unit holders a return of 14% per annum, net of all fees and expenses.

    g). Profit Distribution

    Net returns due from Fund shall be distributed to the Unit holders every year after a financial audit of the Fund as appropriate. Returns due to Unit holders shall be paid to them within a period of two weeks after completion of the Fund audit.

    h). Redemption

    Units may wholly or partially be redeemed monthly following a valuation of the Fund. Redemption will be based off the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund as further clarified in the relevant section of the Information Memorandum.


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