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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision 

To be the preferred Sharia’h Compliant Financial Services Partner in all places we choose to operate.

Our Mission

To operate as a responsible Corporate Citizen, foster growth for our customers, employees, shareholders and the Community through the provision of innovative Sharia’h Compliant Financial Solutions

Our Core Values

Our value proposition as an institution is a direct reflection of the core values that guide our day-to-day activities. Our core values are acronymed in the main part of our name “FIRST”, which signifies a journey to a new frontier of financial services and solutions.


We work with all its stakeholders in a fair and honest manner. We create mutually benefiting partnerships where all stakeholders gain.


We embrace change, flexibility and continuously adapt to a rapidly evolving world. We strive to continuously perpetuate excellence and provide innovative Sharia’h compliant banking solutions. In response to the dynamic needs of its clientele, we look for new, creative and better ways to provide our expertise in all dimensions of business.


We conduct business with the highest ethical standards, adherence to the law and doing what is right. We exercise the highest level of responsibility in managing the financial affairs of all its stakeholders.

Sharia’h Compliance

This is the essence of our existence and we are steadfast in building relationships beyond banking.


We are committed to supporting each other, taking collective ownership and responsibility for all we do and winning as team.